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If is not working for you here are some troubleshooting tips that might work.

  • Try Re-opening your browser - it may just be a temproary glitch with your internet browser.
  • Make sure there is not a problem with your internet connection. Can you access other websites?
  • Check your firewall settings - sometimes these settings can block certain websites from loading.
  • Have you changed any plugins, or upgraded your browser? This may be an issue too.
  • Try clearing your cookies and load the page again.

If you have ruled out all these possible causes and think there is a problem with, try using these detailed methods below.

*Detailed Tips


Router/ISP Connection Errors

Have you checked your Internet connection? The configuration of your router or ISP could be causing the error.

Bad Browser Settings

Your browser settings may be faulty – make sure the site (or IP address) is not blocked, denied or disabled. Be sure to check the proxy and firewall settings.

Software Problems

Sometimes, software such as antivirus programs can restrict you from accessing certain sites; try disabling them and then load the page again.

Operating Systems and Other Devices

A misconfiguration can be caused by another device that can or is connected to the host on same network. Check these devices /systems and disconnect them and try again.

Hardware Issues

Try restarting your device. It may just be being fussy!


Domain Name

The Domain name may be expired, or it could have bad DNS settings. The website may have certain Cache settings or the browser/ISP is configured badly.

Server Error

The server may be down or inaccessible.


A 500 Internal Error could mean that the website has a bad server configuration.

Hosting Failure

Hosting companies and their servers have problems on occasion. Try again in a few minutes, or try in a few hours if the problem persists.

Other Issues

There may be plenty of other common issues as to why the site may be down. Natural disasters, faulty wires and even unpaid bills can all cause an obvious problem.


Try to Wait a Few Minutes

Problems are usually only temporary – wait a few minutes or even try to access the site a few hours later. The issue should be resolved by then.

Check Your Internet and Browser Settings

Check your internet, browser and firewall settings to make sure that there is no blocks on the site, or try re starting your internet connection and try again.

Look for Official Announcements

Major downtimes and maintenance is usually reported or tweeted. Check the social feeds for the company (such as Twitter, Facebook or the Blog) and you may find that the public has been notified of any upcoming/current downtime.

Has Anyone Else Reported a Problem?

Check if someone else has reported a problem with accessing the website.

Contact the Website

If you think the webmaster is not aware of the problem, you could contact them to let them know of the issue you are having. You could try emailing an address that starts with,, or

Find another Similar Site

Look for another site if the one that you are trying to access is not loading.

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